Distribution and Flight Period

A List of the Robber Flies (Diptera, Family: Asilidae) of Crowley's Ridge, Arkansas, showing distribution by county, and flight period. As of September, 2009 (the date of the newest revision), 68 species have been recorded. They constitute, from this small but very special area, more than 60% of the Robber Flies so far recorded in Arkansas. Fifty-six species have been recorded from Craighead County alone.

The area of coverage, on the west, is from the rise of the Ridge out of the flat Mississippi Delta, and on the east is marked by the St. Francis River (not shown on the map), which more or less parallels the east slope of the Ridge from Clay County on the Missouri border in the north, until the the Ridge and the St. Francis both run into the Mississippi River in Phillips County in the south. My wife Cheryl and I make up one party to cover some 500-800 square miles, so as a practical matter we only cover 2-4 "hot spots" in each county. We do not cover St. Francis County at all, as we have found no promising areas with public access.

As an expansion I am adding other species of Robber Flies that occur in Arkansas (but not, so far, along the Ridge). This, added to the original list, gives fully 80% of the species so far recorded in the state. As I find more species, and get photographs of them, I will add to that list, with an ultimate goal of picturing virtually every species anyone is likely to see in Arkansas.

County Key

Clay (CLA); Greene (GRE); Craighead (CRA); Poinsett (POI); Cross (CRO); St. Francis (STF); Lee (LEE), Phillips (PHI)