Asilidae : Trigonomiminae

Species of Crowley's Ridge

Finally, to close out this first section on the "primitive" robbers, there is one species in the subfamily Trigonomiminae, and that is, Holcocephala fusca.

Holcocephala fusca

This is not one you are likely to see in your first year looking for robbers (it's another twig-tip-perching dot). It has to be deliberately looked for, but it is well worth doing.

They are generally found in a riparian situation, perched on top of grass stalks or similar vegetation about waist high to you. If you are lucky enough to spot one, look around carefully, and chances are you will find several more nearby.

Their small size, twig-tip sitting, long blackish wings stretching beyond the abdomen tip, yellow bodies, and especially, if you are able to see it, their incredibly wide apart eyes, will serve to identify them.